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When to Know that a Senior Requires Assisted Living


When it comes to our loved ones, there’s nothing that would stop us from giving our best for them to have the most comfortable and fulfilling life. As much as possible, we want to be as close to them as possible to know and provide what they need. We give our full support for them to live as independently and happily as possible. The same can be said for our loved ones. They also prefer to age in place in order to continue living independently and close to us and their beloved home that has witnessed great memories. This is an ideal situation for them. But there are instances when things beyond our control happen, like when our loved one loses the ability to fully take care of themselves. Though it may not always be easy to determine when our loved one requires more help, providers of residential home care in Mishawaka can give you a hand.

What follows are some of the warning signs that may suggest it’s the right time that we open up to our loved one about availing the services of assisted living like our residential home Providence Home by Fir in Mishawaka:

  • Empty refrigerator or filled with spoiled food
    When we notice that our loved one is decreasing in body weight, there’s a big possibility that they may not be eating well due to them having a hard time shopping for groceries or cooking. This is easily solved when our loved ones move to an assisted living facility such as the assisted living facility in Indiana.
  • Repeatedly wears the same kinds of clothes
    One of the noticeable signs that our loved one needs more assistance is when they wear the same clothes repeatedly, or perhaps they disregard their personal hygiene. This is an indication that doing the laundry and bathing and grooming has become more physically challenging for them.
  • Frequent bruises
    Despite trying to cover up, we may notice that our loved one has frequent bruises. This indicates that they may be experiencing frequent falls or mobility as well as balance issues. Prevention of injuries resulting in bruises and other unwanted effects is given emphasis in elderly care.
  • Forgetfulness
    The increase in the frequency of the times when our loved one forgets things such as their doctor’s appointments or the right time to take their medicines suggests that they need assistance. This can be due to the loss of memory. In this situation, it’ll be better if our loved one stays in a residential care or assisted living facility as they will receive the necessary help like medication management.

At Providence Home By Fir, we provide excellent services delivered by our highly proficient healthcare professionals to help your loved one live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Feel free to contact our assisted living in Mishawaka to learn more about our services.

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