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What Your Loved One Should Know About Assisted Living


The signs are there. You may have already spoken to your loved one about it. But they may still be convinced that staying in an assisted living facility is not for them.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply not knowing enough. Fortunately, as a provider of senior care in South Bend, Indiana, we at Providence Home By Fir can offer some useful information to help you and your loved one make a good choice for the long term.

That brings us to the advantages of choosing assisted living in Mishawaka. If you’re loved one is unsure of what to expect from an assisted living community, you can start with these facts:

  • They prioritize your health and comfort.
    An assisted living community works with a dedicated team of caregivers and health care professionals. They give each resident a hand in doing things like following prescriptions, exercising, getting dressed, and using the toilet. This leaves you with all the time in the world to focus on yourself.
  • Social and recreational needs are met.
    There’s always something to do at an assisted living facility in Indiana. Whether it’s something pursued alone or with a group, residents get the tools, time, and space needed for activities meaningful to them.
  • The staff puts your independence first.
    The services, the space provided to you, and the care you receive from the staff are all meant to make independent living possible for you. Pursuing the lifestyle you want is easier when you can easily get the help you need.

These are just a few important facts about assisted living you can bring up to guide your loved one’s choice. This topic can be the springboard for providing them with the safe, supportive living arrangement they need.

For more questions about our residential home care in Mishawaka, don’t hesitate to call us.

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