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Transitioning to Residential Care


Changes can have different sorts of impacts on any person. It seems that those that are most vulnerable would feel most of the changes. Change can happen anytime, and in the right cases, the change can be for the better.

In a senior loved one’s case, if home care is no longer providing the quality of care and attention they deserve, getting residential care service may be another option. Seniors may also focus on safety or socializing with their peers. When the decision has been decided, another challenge is to execute that choice.

Moving away from home can be a sad experience for anyone, and your senior loved one should be spared from such pain or discomfort. Here are some tips you can consider to ease the change.

  • Pack something that reminds a senior about home.
  • Get familiar with the residential facility first before moving in.
  • Organize their belongings early on.
  • Let them socialize with the care staff or other residents.
  • Schedule family visits and bring favorite home-cooked meals.

If your senior loved one needs more help to adjust, our assisted living in Mishawaka will provide all the help that they need.

Find reliable senior care in South Bend, Indiana in a trusted assisted living facility in Indiana.

Providence Home By Fir is your premier choice for Residential Home Care in Mishawaka. Come and visit our residential space!

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