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Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Safe at Home


As your loved one ages, it’s important to keep them safe at home. They may have a hard time navigating their environment due to age-related conditions. This can make them susceptible to falls, especially when trying to get around their house or in the bathroom. Follow these tips below.

  • Non-Skid Surfaces
    Using non-skid surfaces is one way you can help reduce the risk of falls for your loved one. They provide better traction than slippery surfaces. They make it easier for seniors with poor balance to move around without falling.
  • Fall Mats
    These mats are used to catch an elderly person who has fallen. Fall mats can be placed on the floor or hung from the wall. It depends on where you think your loved one will most likely fall.
  • Grab Bars
    When installed properly, they can help with standing up from a sitting position. They also help get in and out of bed or chairs. It’s important to consider where these grab bars are placed.

If your elderly relative cannot live independently at home, consider Providence Home By Fir as an option. We are an assisted living in Mishawaka that offers care to the elderly.

Our residential home care in Mishawaka provides a safe place for residents. Our staff will help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, medication management, and more.

They also assist with medication management as well as medical issues that occur throughout the day.

Our facility has several different levels of elderly care available to meet the needs of each resident’s situation. This includes independent living and long-term care options.

For more information about our assisted living facility in Indiana, please contact us today at 574-323-4955.

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