1410 Deer Run Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545
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About Our Company

Providence Home By Fir provides quality, compassionate residential home care in Mishawaka, Indiana in an inviting and peaceful home-like atmosphere.

We are a team with a combined medical experience of more than 100 years that led us to conceptualize the new care model. Having a practicing family physician and physical therapists with various experiences in health care, especially in taking care of the elderly, including running a personal care home, have allowed us to have a unique perspective and advantage to identify any problems and create solutions to improve the care of elders in senior living communities.

Our residents can collaborate to create a flexible daily routine that meets individual needs and preferences. There is no predetermined routine, facilitating independence and the ability to pursue individual interests.

The caregivers and residents’ advocates put more direct care hours in the home, allowing a strong bond to form between staff and residents. Deep relationships are the basis for our model of care that will result in dramatic improvements in quality of life and care.

young nurse taking handicapped senior man on the wheelchair to his friends
  • Improve quality of life – Residents will improve in seven domains of quality of life (privacy, dignity, meaningful activity, relationship, autonomy, food enjoyment, and individuality) and emotional well-being.
  • Improve quality of care – Residents will maintain self-care abilities with fewer experiencing decline in ADLs (activities of daily living), mobility, and residents will have a better mental outlook.
  • Improve family satisfaction – Our general amenities, meals, housekeeping, physical environment, privacy, autonomy, and quality care will surely satisfy our residents’ families.
  • Improve staff satisfaction – Strong relationships with residents will equate to a higher job retention rate with our caregivers.
  • Longer direct care time with our residents
  • Increased engagement outside of direct care activities
  • Less job-related stress on the direct care staff leads to improvement in the ability to provide quality care.
  • Improved care outcome means less falls, less bed sores, slower decline in ADLs (activity of daily living), and improvement of mobility skills.
  • Increased time spent with residents will lead to timely intervention when the condition changes.

Why We Are Different from Other Assisted Living Facilities in the Area

  • Home model vs. bigger institutional facility
  • CNA driven care
  • Trying to change the culture to person-centered with personalized and attentive care
  • Best caregiver to elder ratio will result in quality care.
a caregiver assisting senior